The gynecological outpatient clinic Sonokard offers


The gynecological outpatient clinic Sonokard offers:
  • preventive gynecological examinations,
  • cytological diagnosis,
  • thin-layer cytological diagnosis extended with a test for HPV infection,
  • bacteriological and mycological diagnostics,
  • contraceptive advice,
    • choosing a method of contraception,
    • inserting and removing intrauterine devices,
    • inserting and removing a subcutaneous contraceptive implant
  • USG examination of the breast glands,
  • examination of the breast glands,USG with vaginal probe,
  • USG with a transabdominal probe,
  • USG with Doppler flows
  • diagnosis and treatment of symptoms associated with the menopause period,
  • counseling for couples planning pregnancy,
  • a full range of laboratory tests.